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Yanomami Religion And Beliefs

Religion of the Yanomami

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The Yanomami believe that cosmos consist of four different layers. The upper layer is empty, but it used to be occupied by ancient beings who are now in the lower layers. The second layer, which we can see as the sky, is the home of spirits of dead men and women. It resembles earth, except for having better hunting, the food is tastier etc. In other terms this is the heaven for the Yanomami. The third layer (one of the lowest layer) is the earth as we know it. The lowest layer is the so called underworld or hell is where the Amahi-teri live, who are ancient spirits that bring harm upon humans.

After Death

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The Yanomami believe that when they die they will go to hedu (heaven) which is the layer right above earth. The Yanomami believe that they have to face a spirit which asks them if they have been good or bad, this spirit decides weather they go to heaven (hedu) or hell (hei). The Yanomami don't worry about this too much, as they believe that this spirit is easy to trick, therefore they don't feel that their actions in life will be mirrored to their fate after death. When someone dies, the Yanomami burn the corpse very quickly, while the women and the children flee the village as to not be polluted by the smoke. The men then collect and pulverise the bones and pour the ash into a set of gourds that are stored in the village. After about one year they hold a mortuary ceremony (reahu) Close relatives, co-villagers and allies consume the ash, which is mixed into a trough of planait soup.

By: George Hollo
"Yanomamö - Religion and Expressive Culture." Religion and Expressive Culture. Countries and Their Cultures, n.d. Web. 02 Mar. 2016.

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