Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Language and Clothing

The Yanomami Language:
The Yanomami language consists of 5 languages which are similar to each other Yanam Sanuma Ninam Yanam. People from different tribes cannot understand each other sometimes. To understand each other they use basic vowels a,e,i,o,u. In Yanomami language if a vowel is nasalized, which means that they say it with he air escaping their nose, then the words after it are also nasalized. This is a way of understanding each other.
Sometimes they use basic gestures to understand each other. The Yanomami have different ways to communicate, when they smell something bad they put one finger in their nose, when someone hears something bad, he will close his eyes, cover his ears, then turn around and shake his head, then spit on the ground to show that he hates what he is hearing. The reason their language is very interesting is because their is always a way to understand each other by doing gestures or using vowels, and that’s something that we lack nowadays to understand each others.

Yanomami Clothing: 
Yanomami clothing depends on their ranking. If you are higher ranked then you would be wearing less clothes, but more decoration and if you are lower ranked you would wear normal Yanomami clothing, like weaved clothes. Little kids tend to not wear anything, and the Yanomami do not wear any shoes. Yanomami paint their bodies with different colors. They use many red dyes seeds, and other colors that comes from fruits or seeds. Yanonami girls like to pierce their noses, ears and lips with wooden sticks. They also like to wear armbands made out of leaves, and necklaces made out of seeds. The boys usually wear white hawk feathers on their head.
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