Friday, February 5, 2016

Areas Controlled by the Portuguese Empire

Countries Portugal controlled:
The Portuguese Empire has controlled many different areas throughout the world.
On the map above we can see that Portugal controlled a lot of different areas. These territories are:
South America
  • Brazil (1500-1822)
  • Angola (1575-1975)
  • Mozambique (1498-1975)
  • Guinea Bissau (1973-1974)
  • Cape Verde (1460-1975)
  • Madeira (1415-1542)
  • Some parts of India (Goa, Cochin..)
By Esme Mason

Portugal has colonized 6 countries which are now independent. The Madeira was the first country colonized by Portugal.
In this picture you can see which countries where colonized by Portugal in South America and who they were colonized by. As you can see Brazil was colonized by Portugal and the rest of the countries were mainly colonized by the Spanish.

By Noah Bekel

On the map above we can see the zoomed in version of brazil to the specific area where the Yanomami tribe is located and the areas around it. This can give us an idea of where the native people to this land could have been moved and also help us understand how much of the tribe was affected by the Portuguese colonization.

By George Hollo

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